The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic mathematics concepts that you will need in Calculus-II, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Engineering Mathematics, and physics, strength of materials, and other courses, and to develop your problem solving abilities and to give you an engineering perspective. In that sense, functions, limit and continuity, derivative, applications of derivatives, graphs, integrals and arc length calculations are covered in this course.

The course content is the basis of engineering and mathematics; therefore, the success in the course should not be measured only with your grades. To understand and apply these topics successfully will primarily affect your success in other courses as well.


In this course, I do not expect you to memorize various formulas that you will encounter here. Thus, you will be able to use (open-book) "Handbook of Mathematical Formulas and Tables"; however, I do want to see solved examples within the pages of the book or at the edges or on empty pages. By this situation alone I can treat you as "caught cheating". I expect you to learn problem solution methods and theri applications. I will frequently assign you some problems from the book for you to solve at home (you may consider it as homework), I will NOT collect your homework solutions. Do solve these problems if you want to learn the subject and to become quick and accurately problem solver. I do even suggest you to solve more problems from other textbooks written in Turkish or English that you can get your hands on (there are plenty of book at the library). Most of all, DO NOT study from one exam week to another; let your guide be regular and systematic study.